Has Spring Sprung?


Our technicians had to chain up and hit the road during our snowy blast – but I can truly say they are dedicated to our clients. I am sure they would have rather been home nice and warm and snuggled up with their families! We had several “no heat” situations and Barry went through 2 sets of chains before the 3rd pair was the charm. He knew he needed to help as many folks as he could to restore their heat during the frigid temps that we had. We can’t stress enough how important getting your annual furnace clean and check is – especially when you have to call at 1 a.m. because all of a sudden you have no heat! Often times we can ward off a problem before it happens just by being able to clean a unit. This preventative measure will save you in the long run! And you will always be warm…

A friend from Sumas stopped by the other day and brought me a primrose all in bloom and such a bright yellow color! Immediately one can’t help but smile! And then secondly I thought…..but wait! Winter can’t be over yet…can it? I love the snow and am just not ready to accept that we won’t have some more.