Oh My!

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I can’t believe the last time I “blogged” was in March! How time flies! Lots has happened since then so I understand why I had it under my radar. We moved! Bay Point Plumbing Heating Cooling went from renting space back in the woods in a building hidden from any type of main street view to being out on a very busy main road in Bellingham. Our new main office address is: 4131 Hannegan Rd, #102, Bellingham,WA 98226. Phone numbers all remain the same!

We have seen an increase in our foot traffic 100% of course as no one could find us before! Bay Point now has some retail items for sale including Bio-Clean and RootX plus we are working towards adding furnace filters and some misc parts. We have lots of brochures for the homeowners to take home and browse through and imagine in their new remodel! We added a conference table so our techs and clients can sit and discuss options over their plans.

Please come visit! We have a FREE reuseble grocery bag to give you!

Before you call the plumber….

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Here are some hints to save you some time and $ money $ !! Today, let’s talk about your garbage disposal. At Bay Point Plumbing & Heating, we inevitably get calls (especially on holidays) that someone’s garbage disposal is plugged and not working. First question – did you put potato peels down it? Yes, being the usual answer. Please don’t put considerable amounts of peelings (of any type of vegetable) down your disposal. They don’t like it! (And if you do, water is your friend!) Plan A – there is a “re-set” button, ususally red on the bottom of the disposal. Push this and hopefully you will hear a “click” sound. With the water running turn on your switch and it should restart. If it doesn’t, turn the switch off and the water off and go to: Plan B – with every disposal you will get a hex head wrench – insert this into the center bottom of the disposal. Slowly turn it until it moves freely. Again, turn on the water and switch. And if it doesn’t work this time – you may have a fork or screw or something really stuck in there. If you can’t reach in, of course with the disposal turned off and unplugged, and retrieve the offending item, then it is probably time to call the plumber. Your unit may be damaged beyond repair or needs to be taken apart to find whatever clogged it up in the first place. 90% of the time going through Plan A & B will fix your problem and save you time and money from having to call the plumber! But we are here to serve you in the event you still need us – CALL BAY POINT PLUMBING AND HEATING, serving Whatcom and Skagit counties since 1989!

Has Spring Sprung?

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Our technicians had to chain up and hit the road during our snowy blast – but I can truly say they are dedicated to our clients. I am sure they would have rather been home nice and warm and snuggled up with their families! We had several “no heat” situations and Barry went through 2 sets of chains before the 3rd pair was the charm. He knew he needed to help as many folks as he could to restore their heat during the frigid temps that we had. We can’t stress enough how important getting your annual furnace clean and check is – especially when you have to call at 1 a.m. because all of a sudden you have no heat! Often times we can ward off a problem before it happens just by being able to clean a unit. This preventative measure will save you in the long run! And you will always be warm…

A friend from Sumas stopped by the other day and brought me a primrose all in bloom and such a bright yellow color! Immediately one can’t help but smile! And then secondly I thought…..but wait! Winter can’t be over yet…can it? I love the snow and am just not ready to accept that we won’t have some more.

Happy Holidays!!

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From our family to yours – we wish you the best of this holiday season! We are on call for your plumbing and heating needs 24 hours per day 7 days a week from Birch Bay and Blaine to Sumas, Everson, all the way down to Conway and Sedro Woolley! During the time we are not in the office covering our phones we have an after hours dispatcher to help you get in touch with our techs. His name is “Mike” and in his words he is a “night owl” so don’t worry about waking him up if you have an emergency in the middle of the night! Stay warm and enjoy your special time with family!

Winter is upon us!

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All of us here at Bay Point Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, acknowledge that times are not what they used to be. Everything is more expensive and it seems the quality gets a little “thinner”. We are doing our part to help our existing and new customers by offering all of you the same great deal of $30 off our annual furnace clean and check. Call today and get your appointment booked so you aren’t left out in the cold! We service the Whatcom County area from Sumas, Everson, Blaine, Birch Bay and even Semiahmoo to Skagit County: Concrete, Marblemount, Sedro Woolley to Big Lake, Mt. Veron, over to LaConner and all of Anacortes! Call us and we will be there!

Is Summer over (already)?

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Woke up today in the middle of a fog bank surrounding the house! It’s August 12th for Pete’s sake!! There were spider webs laying in circles on the dewy lawn – this has always been a sign to me that fall was surely on the way! Well if we take these hints from Mother Nature and consider ourselves pro-active – then we know we have to look ahead to having snow on the ground and staying warm. We are still offering our $159 clean and check service for $129 – but not for much longer! Call us today and get on the schedule for your furnace’s annual maintenance!! Ask Samantha about purchasing a 3 year “locked in” service contract rate at the $129. You only need to pay $10 x 3 to hold this price. Each year we will call you to set up your appointment and you will then only owe $119 at the time of your service since you already paid $10 towards that year’s cleaning. Remember we service from Blaine to Sumas, Everson, to Conway, Sedro Woolley over to Anacortes and Shelter Bay. Call today: 360-734-0770, 360-428-6003, 360-293-4111.

Summer furnace cleaning – get ready for Winter now!

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Currently we are offering a $159 furnace Clean & Check service for $129! That is a $30 savings to you!! We at Bay Point Plumbing and Heating acknowledge that times are challenging and that is why we are doing our best to help you out on making sure you are ready for this winter. Admittedly, the summer is a slow time for our heating department – so we would like to fill in their schedules with some regular maintenance clients. Doing an annual clean and check on your furnace means you have a better chance of finding out what may need to be fixed now – before you are waking up to a cold house on a snowy morning! Call today to schedule one of our HVAC techs @ 360-734-0770 Whatcom Cty or 360-428-6003 for Skagit/Anacortes.