Before you call the plumber….


Here are some hints to save you some time and $ money $ !! Today, let’s talk about your garbage disposal. At Bay Point Plumbing & Heating, we inevitably get calls (especially on holidays) that someone’s garbage disposal is plugged and not working. First question – did you put potato peels down it? Yes, being the usual answer. Please don’t put considerable amounts of peelings (of any type of vegetable) down your disposal. They don’t like it! (And if you do, water is your friend!) Plan A – there is a “re-set” button, ususally red on the bottom of the disposal. Push this and hopefully you will hear a “click” sound. With the water running turn on your switch and it should restart. If it doesn’t, turn the switch off and the water off and go to: Plan B – with every disposal you will get a hex head wrench – insert this into the center bottom of the disposal. Slowly turn it until it moves freely. Again, turn on the water and switch. And if it doesn’t work this time – you may have a fork or screw or something really stuck in there. If you can’t reach in, of course with the disposal turned off and unplugged, and retrieve the offending item, then it is probably time to call the plumber. Your unit may be damaged beyond repair or needs to be taken apart to find whatever clogged it up in the first place. 90% of the time going through Plan A & B will fix your problem and save you time and money from having to call the plumber! But we are here to serve you in the event you still need us – CALL BAY POINT PLUMBING AND HEATING, serving Whatcom and Skagit counties since 1989!